Compact Solutions Announces Launch of New Data Lineage Power Tools

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A recent press release reports, “Compact Solutions, the Unified Data Governance company, announced today a new set of powerful tools that empower users to gain more value out of their data. These power tools will help organizations attain greater value from their data catalog investments. They work together with or independently of its capstone data lineage product MetaDex™– industry leader in providing complete data lineage from many complex technologies ranging from mainframe to big data. The power booster family of tools build upon the pathbreaking capabilities of MetaDex and allow organizations to increase their investments in data catalogs.”

The release continues, “Compact Is Pleased to Announce the Following New Game Changing Data Governance Tools: (1) MetaDex Spotlight: Offers advanced lineage analytics straight out of your data catalog. Organizations can go beyond the capabilities of their data catalog to view lineage history and use the power of AI to abstract dense lineage into understandable graphs. (2) MetaDex Injector: Offers a very easy and intuitive way to import metadata into enterprise organization’s data catalogs with no coding and minimal configuration. (3) MetaDex Aggregator: Offers a game changing capability for automating massive data lineage analysis. Organizations can move beyond the limitations of their data catalog to handle massive lineage volumes.”

Pankaj Agrawal, CEO of Compact Solutions, noted, “This is an exciting time in data governance. With rapidly rising data volumes and expanding data technologies, governing data has become extremely challenging. But advancements in technology, especially, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning also offer opportunities to create smart solutions. Compact is pleased to extend the horizon in data governance with our new power booster tools, some of which are based on AI/ML algorithms. In our view, deep and accurate technical data lineage is just the foundation of data governance. We are now ready to build further on this foundation to leverage our governance assets for operational efficiencies.”

Read more at PR Newswire.

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