Consortium Opens “Linked Data Awareness Barometer” Survey

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Linked Data Barometer Survey imageby Eric Franzon

A new survey has been released and seeks to take measure of Linked Data Awareness. The “Linked Data Awareness Barometer 2015” was created by a consortium of four companies (Semantic Web Company, Cognizant, Lean Information, semweb LLC) and a research institute (Institute of Information Business at WU Wien) working in the areas of Enterprise Information Management, Linked Data and Semantic Technologies. “All of the members have deep insights and long-time expertise with linked data technologies and the corresponding market situation. Most questions are derived from concrete discussions we have led with our business partners,” Andreas Blumauer of the Semantic Web Company told

To participate in the survey,visit:

This survey intends to reflect the opinion of various stakeholders working in different industry verticals about the status of Linked Data technologies. The main question is: Is Linked Data perceived as mature enough to be used on a large scale in enterprises? The results will contribute to the development of the Linked Data market by reporting how enterprises currently think.

Blumauer said, “While the interest and demand for ​Linked data technologies​ is growing rapidly, we can also observe some kind of uncertainty in several industries how exactly this methodology could be applied to their existing problems. With this survey we want to find out where information is still lacking to bridge this gap.”

Thomas Kelly of Cognizant added, “Our clients are exploring approaches for connecting and querying externally-hosted data, rather than always bringing the data into their data center.  We’d like to use the results of this survey to initiate/progress conversations on how Linked Data technologies can support their objectives.”

We asked Blumauer and Kelly about what adoption trends they’re seeing with their own clients and what they expect to see in the results.

BLUMAUER: “On the one side we observe a strong uptake of linked data technologies, on the other side we can see how practitioners still struggle with its complexity. We believe it was about time to make some trends and some observations being made by the users more transparent. This should help to improve communication in this fast growing emergent market.​”

KELLY: “I agree.  Organizations are exploring ways to shift costs — offloading data storage and query processing to data publishers may allow data consumers to reduce some infrastructure costs.  However, data consumers are concerned about performance, data quality, and trustworthiness of the data.”

All data and the results of this survey will be made public. Your participation is a valuable contribution to users, vendors, developers and consultants in order to underline best practices and to warn of any pitfalls. Participants who provide their email address will take part in a drawing for two free conference tickets to SEMANTiCS 2015, which will take place next September in Vienna.

This survey will remain open until January 10, 2015. At the end of January 2015 the anonymized data and a report ‘Linked Data Awareness Barometer 2015’ will be made available to the public.

Take the survey at:

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