Andrea Ferretti

Andrea Ferretti, Software Engineer, Radicalbit

Andrea Ferretti is a software engineer at Radicalbit. He attended Università degli Studi in Milan and has many years of experience in database engineering, natural language generation, AI, and many other innovative technologies in the industry.

About RadicalBit
Founded in 2016, Radicalbit is an Italian deep tech company highly specialized in the development of products and solutions for streaming data analysis. Recognized as an innovative company by the most important international analysts, it is in fact a reference point for Research and Development in the field of stream processing technologies, both in the academic and enterprise world.  

The products’ portfolio includes: RNA (Radicalbit Natural Analytics) – a DataOps and MLOps platform able to manage the entire data lifecycle and to integrate Artificial Intelligence algorithms; NSDb (Natural Series Database) – open-source Time Series Database optimized for streaming technologies built on top of Kubernetes; GoLive vertical platform developed specifically for the Retail sector, based on the technology stack of RNA and NSDb and designed to combine Live Stream Shopping with the latest generation technologies (Real-time analytics and Artificial Intelligence), strategically improving customer intelligence.

The team is the result of a careful selection of professionals and personalities: data engineers, data scientists, Back/Front-end developers, sales & marketing experts with a strong technological and business vision. A unique mix of attitudes and skills focused on achieving great goals.

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