Andy Gray

Andy Gray, Co-founder and CEO, Kortical

Andy Gray’s background is building cloud, AI and high performance computing in investment banking. He was instrumental in setting the cloud strategy in Barclays Capital, and led an AI initiative to optimize overnight risk calculations which saved 30% of the total compute grid time, worth millions in costs. Due to the banking industries reluctance to use open source, Andy is one of the few individuals who has built cloud technologies from the ground up and this skill set brings huge advantage to Kortical’s technology where we are able to combine cloud and cutting edge AI on a fundamental level.

With his track record in banking, Kortical have been able to assemble a crack team of the best software developers from Andy’s background. Andy oversees Kortical’s product development and ensures that the technology is delivered to the very highest standard and using best in class process and tooling. Andy also has deep experience delivering solutions to the extremely high SLA’s required in business critical systems for financial institutions and brings all this best practice to the Kortical delivery ethos.

About Kortical

Kortical uses AI to build AI, which enables companies to build, explain and deploy world class, enterprise grade machine learning and artificial intelligence models. We accelerate the process of delivering AI solutions from years to weeks. 

Kortical not only has a world class platform, but also offers expertise from ideation to strategy, delivery to bespoke app creation to ensure that you from data to business value from AI, fast.  

NHS, Deloitte, BT/MBNL are all benefiting from Kortical’s platform and services to deliver AI innovation at scale and at speed.  

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