Brad King

Brad King, Co-Founder and Field CTO, Scality

As field CTO, Brad is responsible for the design of the largest systems Scality is deploying around the world. These include multi-petabyte, multi-site systems, with hundreds of servers. Brad is one of the co-founders of Scality. He began his multifaceted career as a naval architect with the French navy, performing numerical simulations of ship capsize and waves around large ships. He then joined a Schlumberger research lab in Paris for several years, where he worked on turbulent fluid dynamics, laboratory automation, large-scale parallel numerical simulations, and new internet technologies, which included monitoring of NCSA projects (such as Mosaic) funded by Schlumberger. 

In 1999, Brad and a partner started the Paris office of, a provider of email software including Post Office. After merged with, Brad continued with the new company, Openwave, in a pre-sales position working with fixed and mobile operators throughout Europe, selling messaging solutions, WAP gateways, MMSCs, embedded handset software, and location-based solutions. He joined Bizanga Labs in 2008 as an architect designing messaging security systems and large distributed storage systems. Brad holds a Ph.D. degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Follow Brad and Scality at: Twitter, LinkedIn.

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