D4t4 Solutions Launches Celebrus Machine Learning

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According to a new press release, “D4t4 Solutions plc ( is pleased to announce the launch of its ground-breaking Celebrus Machine Learning release. Celebrus, ( is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) used by enterprises in banking, insurance, retail, travel and telco industries, collaborating with leading industry partners to drive rapid transformations of customer engagement programmes. The embedding of both Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities within Celebrus version 9.2, are industry firsts. Celebrus is the only solution of its kind to use Machine Learning to deliver Automated Marketing Signals (AMS). AMS enables enterprises to identify new revenue generating opportunities and dramatically limit customer churn.”

The release continues, “The significant new product enhancements include: (1) 50+ Automated Marketing Signals (AMS). AMS are pre-configured behavioural signals which reveal customer intent giving enterprises new opportunities to convert more customers by serving highly personalised, real-time content. Immediately following capture of customer behaviour, Celebrus ML technology detects signals of customer interest which indicate heightened propensities to convert including: life events; areas of interest; interactions and subscribing behaviour. AMS are instantly fed to an enterprise’s decisioning platform, resulting in hyper-personalisation at scale. (2) fastText analytics. Celebrus now features fastText integration, Facebook’s leading text and semantics library, which is ideally suited to many of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems enterprises face, including sentiment analytics. New real-time NLP capabilities deliver even more detailed customer profiles enriched with sentiment scores, which can be connected to enterprise decisioning systems within milliseconds.”

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