Data Governance as a Business Asset, Not a Checklist

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Checklist Chalkboardby Angela Guess

Jason Hannula of Midsize Insider reports, “Data is no longer just something that IT deals with, as business analytics increasingly pulls data from the dark IT closets and makes it a strategic business asset. As a result, managing data via a prescriptive checklist is no longer a viable option. In a commentary for InformationManagement, Dan Meers and Michael Nicosia argue that data governance frameworks are less about managing data and more about refocusing data behaviors. This starts by viewing data as a business value asset, and midsize businesses that focus on data value can streamline their analytics efforts.”

Hannula continues, “By embracing data governance as a business value, protecting and improving data for business analytics moves from a checklist compliance exercise to an active engagement. The burden of ensuring data integrity and source quality is significantly reduced for business users, allowing them focus on the analytics. Meers and Nicosia claim that shifting the focus to data governance frameworks allows data stewards to move away from training and enforcing policy compliance and toward mentoring and support roles for creating quality business data. As a result, data sources, quality and assurance for analytics is simplified. Adopting this premise of data value could reduce the effort required to apply rigorous data governance to all data by instead applying it only to data that drives business outcomes.”

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