DataEd Webinar: Expressing Data Improvements as Business Outcomes

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About the Webinar

Join us and learn how you can better align your Data Management projects with business objectives to justify funding and gain management approval. Failure to successfully monetize Data Management investments sets up an unfortunate loop of fixing symptoms without addressing the underlying problems. As organizations begin to understand that data practices are the root causes of many business problems, they become more willing to make the required investments. However, we need to also approach them. The No. 1 reason that data programs fail to deliver is that they do not set or measure specific objectives that are meaningful to management. While there are opportunities to assist at the project level, data improvements are better able to be leveraged at the organization level. An improvable, dedicated data program can only be achieved by repeated application of data practices in service of specific business objectives. Data improvements typically do not maintain an ROI calculation. ROIs expressed in terms that board/executive management cares about deeply ensure data program viability. Improving organizational execution of specific data practice improvements must lead directly to specific improvements in organizational KPIs. While organizations may not be currently practiced in this ability, it is quite easy to learn. This presentation uses a number of specific examples calculating the business impact of data improvements. Program learning objectives include:

  • Coming to grips with the state of practice
  • Understanding the need for a comparable baseline measure
  • Seeing application in a number of contexts

About the Speaker

Peter Aiken, PhD

Founding Director, Data Blueprint

Peter Aiken is an acknowledged Data Management (DM) authority. As a practicing data consultant, professor, author, and researcher, he has studied DM for more than 30 years. International recognition has come from assisting more than 150 organizations in 30 countries. He is a dynamic presence at events and author of 10 books and multiple publications, including his latest on Data Strategy. Peter also hosts the longest running webinar series dedicated to DM (hosted by In 1999, he founded Data Blueprint, a consulting firm that helps organizations leverage data for profit, improvement, competitive advantage, and operational efficiencies. He is also Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), past President of the International Data Management Association (DAMA-I), and Associate Director of the MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers.

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