Datasparc Inc. Announces New Feature for DBHawk

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by Angela Guess

A recent press release reports, “Datasparc is committed to providing one platform to manage heterogeneous databases. It lets enterprises receive and provide quick and secure access to their ad-hoc data needs, regardless if it’s stored on premises, in the cloud, in NoSQL or in a relational database. Datasparc’s steady progress can be attributed to the excellent capabilities of DBHawk, web-based database management and data analysis tool that provides secured data access across SQL and NoSQL databases… Some of the most important benefits of DBHawk are (1) One platform to connect to SQL, NoSQL and cloud databases. (2) Two-factor authentication, LDAP integration, AES-256 encryption, SSL Support, Single Sign-On, Auditing, Role-based access control, and flexible deployment options. (3) Provides browser-based GUI and there is no need to install SQL Client on the PC. Therefore, users can save time and money on SQL GUI client software and user training, as well as maintenance across their enterprise.”

The release goes on, “The version 4.1.4 of DBHawk provides access to data stored on Amazon S3. AWS S3 has now emerged as the de facto industry standard for the storage of structured and non-structured data. The latest release from Datasparc will enable their customers to access S3 data by creating external tables against S3 data and writing SQL queries with all other powerful features such as SQL query builder, online SQL editor, charts and dashboard builder. This version of DBHawk also supports writing SQL queries against MongoDB database, making data analytics job on NoSQL databases more powerful for the data users.”

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