Defining Open Government Data

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Anupama Dokeniya has written an article for the World Bank blog discussing open government data. Dokeniya writes, “Even as the language of ‘Open Government’ has picked up steam over the past couple of years – driven initially by the ‘Obama Open Government Directive’, and further boosted by the multi-lateral Open Government Partnership –  the use of the term has tended to fairly broad, and mostly imprecise, lacking a shared, consistent definition. As Nathaniel Heller of Global Integrity, a key player in the OGP, cautioned in a recent blog: ‘The longer we allow ‘open government’ to mean any and everything to anyone, the risk increases that the term melts into a hollow nothingness of rhetoric’.”

The article continues, “The vision of the Obama Directive was broader than just a focus on transparency and extended to ‘transparency, participation, and collaboration’. Beth Noveck, former Head of the White House Open Government Initiative underscored this point when she emphasized that open government was ‘…never exclusively about making transparent information about the workings of government,’ but rather an innovative strategy focusing on ‘using network technology to connect the public to government and to one another informed by open data…’ The goal of [last month’s] conference on Open Government Data – organized by the Bank in partnership with the U.S. Government, was to leverage ‘the historic opportunity presented by open government data to foster collaboration, transparency, and interactive public participation’.”

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Image: Courtesy World Bank

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