DVSum Demo: Unleash Data Agility with an Automated Data Catalog of Your Entire Data and Analytics Stack 

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Other Data Catalogs are unwieldy, cumbersome, and expensive. They are geared towards compliance & reporting related Data Governance need. 

We built our Data Catalog to make it remarkably easier for Data & Analytics teams to manage and use data. 

It is intelligent, easy to setup and use, and cost-effective. 

Join DvSum as we demonstrate how you can unleash Data Agility with our Data Catalog by: 

  1. Creating a unified Catalog of your entire Data and Analytics Stack 
  2. Reducing data discovery and data prep to deliver timely, accurate insights faster 
  3. Empowering business users to do no-code, no-SQL self-service analysis 
  4. Enabling a lean and sustainable data governance program to manage data 

Aashish Singhvi

Co-Founder & CEO, DvSum 

Aashish Singhvi is Co-Founder / CEO of DvSum, helping companies add data intelligence to fuel their digital goals. 

Aashish has 20 years of experience across Data Management, Data Analytics, and Data Engineering bringing data-driven processes and technologies to enterprises. 

A thought leader in Data and AI,  his mission is to have data teams spend less time finding and managing data and more time delivering timely and accurate insights to business. 

Before DvSum, Aashish worked in Supply Chain and Fortune 500 companies to enable data-intensive advanced planning and forecasting solutions. 

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