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SemTechBiz, Washington DC - November 29 - December 1, 2011

The upcoming SemTechBiz DC will feature numerous sessions about current and future uses of Semantic Technology in Enterprise systems. The conference will take place November 29-December 1, 2011 at the Kellogg Conference Hotel. The highly anticipated Enterprise Data track will include presentations from Revelytix, Franz, Recognos, and Spry, among many others.

Featured Sessions:

Reverse Engineering Semantics from Legacy Data with Richard Ordowich, Senior Partner – STS Associates Inc.

Ordowich’s session will show how to extract the semantics of project data using a spreadsheet template. The session will also explain the importance of reverse engineering the semantics and show how the results can be used in new application, databases, MDM and data warehouse projects to ensure success.

Meaningful Information is the New Currency of Business wth Marcel Jemio, Chief XML Architect -Treasury/FMS

Jemio will show attendees how FMS is capitalizing on the standardization of data to produce transcendent value, how to follow FMS’s steps to open up data, and will provide actionable steps towards realizing the promise of linked data through the use of taxonomies.

Intelligent Decision Automation on an Event Driven Semantic Platform with Jans Aasman, CEO – Franz Inc.

Aasman’s presentation will look at case studies of big data that must be analyzed in real time and examine how an event-driven semantic platform can be applied to each situation in order to automate intelligent, reliable business decisions.

Using Rules for Quality Control in Federated Data Environments with David Schaengold, Ontology Architect – Revelytix, Inc.

Schaengold’s talk will examine some of Revelytix’s real-world experiences federating data stores in integrated environments, such as how some data can be right all of the time yet still be wrong, the types of quality control rules that should run at the enterprise level regardless of source, and why RIF-based rules engines are best suited for quality control of federated data.

Applications of Semantic Technology in Document Management with George Roth, President and CEO & Adonis B Damian, Application Development Manager – Recognos Inc.

This talk will discuss recent innovations in document management systems, including applications of semantic search, natural language based search, deep search versus shallow search, and question answer systems.

Practical Ontologies for Enterprise Data Management with Richard Alexander Green, Principal Analyst – DTE Energy

Green’s presentation will demonstrate a simple analysis technique which quickly identifies the nouns and their relationships within an ontology while simultaneously identifying the actions and events where the related real-world objects are affected.

Agile Analytics: Applying OWL, RDF, and SPARQL for Federated Information Management with Brooke Stevenson, Founder and CEO – Spry Inc

Stevenson’s presentation will show how combining Google Gadgets with semantic technologies creates a flexible, extensible, semantics-based environment which enables agile development of federated enterprise dashboards.

Making Sense of Big Data: Semantics as the Best Hope with Mike Petit – OpenAmplfy & Sarah Wentworth – Mitre Corp.

Petit will chat with Wentworth regarding the challenges that lie ahead for marketers, eGovernment leaders, national security analysts, and everyone else who must find mission-critical insight in Big Data.

Building Enterprise Semantic Applications with Open Source Tools and Oracle RDF/OWL Database with Zhe Wu, Consultant Member of Technical Staff – Oracle

Wu’s talk will cover such topics as Oracle’s support of open source Jena and Sesame APIs, Oracle’s native inference engine and its integration with external reasoners such as Pellet, semantic document indexing with external entity extractors such as open source Gate, and more.

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About SemTechBiz DC

The Semantic Tech & Business Conference – DC is two and a half days of presentations, tutorials, panels, case studies, and conversations. With its strong focus on business and government, the program will provide you with insight on applications in enterprise IT, government, military/intelligence, healthcare, finance and publishing. The conference is designed for business and technology executives who need to learn what semantic technologies are and how to take advantage of semantics in their enterprise and web-based systems.

Organizations large and small, both private and public, can potentially benefit from semantic technologies. You’ll hear how open linked data and semantics are used by numerous civilian and defense agencies within the US Federal Government. You’ll hear how the Mayo Clinic has developed a working BPMN engine prototype that will lead to lower costs and improved time-to-market for businesses. Other case studies will discuss how semantic technology and linked open data have been integrated into cutting-edge applications for sentiment analysis, data integration, search, personalization, and mobile app development. These topics, among many more, will be covered in the three-track, executive-level program.

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