Flashback Data Survey Shows Users Not Prepared for Data Loss

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fdby Angela Guess

A recent article out of the company reports, “Flashback Data, a fast-growing data recovery and computer forensics company, released today survey data which details trends about individual data loss, including how data contained on devices and computers is ruined, and the frequency of such occurrences. Flashback Data polled a random sample of its customers and received 411 survey responses. The survey data illustrates how frequent data loss can be for owners of smartphones, tablets, and computers, and how most users ignore performing regular backups to protect their valuable data. Data loss is exceedingly common, with nearly 70 percent of the respondents reporting they have lost data, and 80 percent stating they would be upset if such an event occurred.”

Key findings from the survey include the following: “(1) Accidental deletion of data was selected by nearly 35% of respondents as the reason for their data loss (dropping the device came in at 13% and water damage at nearly. (2) More than 52% of respondents do not regularly backup their data. (3) Only 55% stated they would know what steps to take if they lost data. (4) 18% of people have experienced device data loss three or more times. (5) Only 33% of respondents regularly backup their phone data.”

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