Garantia Launches In-Memory NoSQL Cloud Storage Platform

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garby Angela Guess

Christopher Tozzi of The VAR Guy reports, “In the cloud as well as on personal PCs, disk I/O speeds remain one of the greatest bottlenecks in computing performance–which is unsurprising, since hard-disk technology has changed little in 20 years. But there’s an old trick for bypassing this limitation: In-memory computing, the technology at the core of an open source based NoSQL cloud solution unveiled by Garantia Data. Here are the details, and why they matter for the future of computing in the cloud.”

Tozzi continues, “As the term implies, in-memory computing means data is stored in RAM, rather than on hard disks. Since RAM read/write speeds are typically many hundreds of times faster than those of hard drives, in-memory computations provide huge performance increases in a variety of scenarios. In-memory computing has been possible in traditional computing environments for decades–the Linux RAM disk feature is a classic example–and it has been extended to the cloud through work like that of the open source Redis and Memcached projects. Garantia has leveraged that open source code into two value-added cloud services that became generally available Feb. 14. Called Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud, the solutions were released in public-beta form in June 2012 and already power more than 1,000 databases, including production environments.”

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photo credit: Garantia

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