Gopher Protocol Completes Phase I in AI Based Robotics Research

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According to a recent press release, “Gopher Protocol Inc., a company specializing in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled mobile technologies, including a global mesh network technology platform for both mobile and fixed solutions, announced it has completed the first phase of its AI based robotics research. The research testing achieved a number of positive results including identifying successful cognitive robotics features where robots were able to sense their environment by means of integrated sensors, location and computer vision. Phase I of Gopher’s research on cognitive robotics focuses on providing robots with the autonomous capacity to learn and acquire knowledge based on conditions detection/analysis and experience. The aim is to imitate the human cognitive system, which regulates the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding, through learning and experience. Gopher’s Avant! AI artificial intelligence engine was successfully integrated into robots resulting in improvements in robots’ perception and understanding of human activities and verbal communications.”

Danny Rittman, Gopher’s Chief Technology Officer, commented, “In our first phase of robotics research we are focusing on implementing our Avant! AI engine into mechatronics and computing system to enable robotic interactions within our normal environment, adapting to a constant-changing environmental conditions… Until recently, robotic machines were designed according to its environment and tolerated minimal variations. Our vision is to create a robotic system that is self adapting to its environment. Our Avant! AI is targeted to become a true unsupervised learning system that will enable skill acquisition and active learning for robotic systems. Our research targets autonomous machines to make better, safer decisions without supervision, and sharing data with other robotic systems to help advance the state of the art in this field.”

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