Grafana 7.0 Delivers Major Visualization Upgrades

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A new press release states, “Today, Grafana Labs is announcing the general availability of Grafana 7.0 with significant enhancements to simplify the development of custom plugins and drastically increase the power, speed and flexibility of visualization. This latest release helps organizations realize their monitoring, visualization and observability goals even faster. Open source Grafana is among the world’s most popular dashboard solutions and boasts more than 550,000 active installations and millions of dashboards in use across the globe. Grafana 7.0 is an accumulation of effort commencing after 6.0 spanning nearing 18,000 commits and 3,699 pull requests from 362 contributors around the world. Additionally, there are hundreds of company, commercial and community data-source plugins and thousands of sample dashboards.”

The release goes on, “The Grafana 7.0 enhancements heavily focus on helping users and organizations across these key areas: (1) (Easier to) Connect and Unify All Your Data. The new Amazon CloudWatch Logs plugin joins the slate of plugins resulting from partnerships across Google (Google Cloud Monitoring (formally Stackdriver)), Microsoft (Azure Monitor), and Amazon (Amazon CloudWatch). The release includes new logs support with open source Loki and tracing inputs from Zipkin and Jaeger. These augment Grafana’s existing community and enterprise commercial plugins ranging from the recently released ServiceNow enterprise plugin to popular open source projects (like Prometheus, Graphite and Elasticsearch) and proprietary sources (such as Splunk, Datadog, New Relic, Zabbix, Oracle), as well as users’ own custom data sources/API… (2) (Much More Power and Control to) Process and Transform Your Data. Transformations allow users to rename, summarize, combine, and perform calculations across queries and data sources.”

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