How IoT Will Affect Business

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intby Angela Guess

Lisa Morgan recently wrote for InformationWeek, “Here are a few of the ways the IoT can impact companies’ IT infrastructures and data strategies, and the bottom line. (1) Data Volumes Explode. The organizations embracing IoT devices see exponential increases in the amount of available data. The deployment model has been to grab a sensor message and then communicate the message through an IPv6 protocol to a machine cloud. However, as the volume of data increases, that model may no longer be viable.”

Morgan’s list goes on, “(2) Data Collection And Distribution Practices May Need Rethinking. IoT devices allow organizations to collect more information than they need. Therefore, companies should think about how they’re going to collect the information and how much they need to store in their own systems versus the cloud. ‘The IoT provides opportunities and challenges. You can’t just let data rest in the cloud waiting for people to get it. You have to make it available so people can make decision,’ said Mark Jacobsohn, SVP of strategy and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, in an interview. ‘You also have to think about your processes and how to make more information available to more people so they can act on it’.”

She continues, “(3) The Mix Of Data Types May Evolve. Cameras are everywhere but the data isn’t necessarily being combined with other sorts of data. Despite technological advances, security guards are still watching banks of computer screens to determine whether the surveillance cameras have captured any anomalous activity. That sort of use case is ripe for IoT device assistance.”

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