How to Ensure Data Turns Into Information

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silosby Angela Guess

Loraine Lawson of IT Business Edge recently wrote, “When it comes to data silos, nobody does it quite as well as the government. This makes government agencies the butt of a lot of jokes, but there are actually some pretty good reasons for these silos. First, most government agencies have been around for nearly 100 years and counting. Second, these agencies have usually grown through Congressional action, which can by act establish a whole new division to support new services. Third, technology adoption is slow in the public sector, often because of reasons one and two. For service-based agencies such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, these silos make it impossible to turn data into useful, 360-degree information about their customers: U.S. veterans. In other words, the sum result is: Data ≠ Information.”

Lawson continues, “How do you change that equation? Dat Tran, the VA’s deputy assistant secretary for data governance and analysis, says the key is data governance. For Tran, data governance isn’t just about ensuring the data’s quality or security: It’s about turning data — even Big Data — into information. ‘A lot of organizations I’ve dealt with, the data we capture and use is for operational purposes, but we don’t look at it from a business-process perspective and understand how to use it for better decision-making,’ Tran tells Computerworld. ‘When I talk about data governance, I’m talking about how to deal with people, process and technology’.”

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