Inpixon Chosen for Planned Smart School Safety Network

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A new press release states, “Inpixon, a leading indoor positioning and data analytics company, today reported that its Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) Sensor 4000SE has been selected to be used in connection with the development of a “Smart School” safety network solution intended to equip schools and campuses with situational awareness and communication technologies that can enhance safety to create a more optimal learning environment. Inpixon’s IPA will detect wireless signals emitted from student-worn, wrist-based devices and other wireless devices with GPS, cellular, Bluetooth and NFC technology on a school’s campus allowing it and potentially law enforcement to identify the location of individuals on school property. The solution will include an integrated notification system capable of disseminating messages relating to an impending or existing emergency.”

The release goes on, “The Smart School solution will be able to identify the location of students, teachers, administrators and visitors within a facility and will send alerts to officials when it detects unknown wireless devices which may, for instance, indicate a trespasser. With the integrated notification system, immediate dissemination of messaging in the event of a possible or actual emergency or threat is possible. ‘We believe the Smart School solution will be one of the first to market to seamlessly track a person’s location as they transition between indoor and outdoor,’ noted Shirish Tangirala, Inpixon’s Chief Product Officer. ‘Outdoor positioning via GPS is offered by many providers. However, indoor positioning is much less common. Rarer still is the combination of indoor and outdoor positioning. We believe that the fusion of indoor and outdoor location data will have a significant impact’.”

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