JetStream Software Unveils Next-Generation Cross-Cloud Data Protection Software

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A new press release states, “JetStream Software Inc., an innovator in cloud software development, today announced JetStream Data Protection, enabling cloud service providers an advanced solution to deliver data availability services to enterprise customers. The JetStream Data Protection software joins the already available solutions, JetStream Accelerate and JetStream Migrate, as part of the JetStream Cross-Cloud Data Management Platform… ‘Data protection is the most common use case for enterprise hybrid cloud,’ explained Tom Critser, co-founder and CEO of JetStream Software. ‘So it is no surprise that the market is moving away from legacy snapshot-based replication architectures and adopting continuous replication methods for cloud-based data resiliency’.”

The release goes on, “The JetStream Data Protection software provides a spectrum of data protection capabilities for an on-premises VMware environment, including: Non-disruptive continual data replication to the cloud for recovery and failover; Virtual machine failover to a cloud-based business continuity service; Virtual machine backup to cloud-based NFS stores and/or object stores; Policy-based availability for cost-efficient SLA management per recovery group; Extreme low-latency logging on non-volatile memory; Continuous Data Capture Through IO Filters.”

It continues, “Many traditional backup technologies still capture data in intermittent snapshots, which introduces latency in application performance and limits the minimization of recovery point objectives (RPO). As an alternative to snapshots, some technologies capture data input-output (IO) through software agents or virtual appliances, methods that introduce a number of performance and compatibility problems. Continuously capturing data through an IO Filter does not suffer those drawbacks.”

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