Keyavi Data Launches to Make Data Self-Protecting, Intelligent and Self-Aware

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A recent press release reports, “Keyavi Data, a data security technology company that embeds protection directly into the data, today announced the public launch of the company and its leadership team. Keyavi’s data intelligence technology, which is currently open to a limited number of early access customers, enables data owners to maintain full control of their data for as long as they want. Independent of platform, transport or application, Keyavi protection works wherever that data travels or how it is stored, no matter the data type or format.”

CEO and chief architect Elliot Lewis commented, “Over time, identity management, physical security and loss prevention tools have proven that they are not enough — data must be intelligent and self-aware so that it can self-protect no matter where it is located or how it is accessed, based on any criteria the owner sets for it… Businesses must accept that in the era of remote work, collaboration, a global economy and highly sophisticated threats, they can no longer effectively control their data. Instead, their data must be able to protect itself when out of their possession, whether from theft, loss, or simply sharing data to both enable and innovate in business. The vision of changing the fundamentals of security to protect data at the data level – the one universal denominator across all of information technology – has not been achieved until now.”

The release adds, “With a name inspired by the Italian word for key, Keyavi is laser-focused on providing companies the power to eradicate the threat of data loss or intrusion. The company’s technology uses a unique combination of industry standard tools and proprietary methods and protocols, which allows data to stay under the owner’s control no matter where it goes in the world or who possesses it at any given moment.”

Read more at Business Wire.

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