A.I. Makes Remarkable World Series Prediction

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A new press release reports, “While many fans dreamed the Chicago Cubs would make it to the World Series, few fans or pundits actually predicted it. Even this year, with their strongest team in recent memory. But UNU, the world’s first Artificial Swarm Intelligence, made a bold set of baseball predictions back in early July, naming all eight teams to make the playoffs and asserting the Cubs would win their first pennant since 1945 and first World Series since 1908. For good measure, UNU also correctly picked the Cubs’ opponent, the Cleveland Indians.”

The release continues, “It was way back at midseason, during the All-Star break, when the Boston Globe challenged Unanimous A.I. to use their UNU system to do something audacious — predict the full outcome of the 2016 baseball season. Unanimous delivered a set of picks to the Globe, which they published and have been tracking ever since. With the season now complete, we can report that the UNU artificial intelligence was remarkably accurate, having (a) correctly all eight playoff teams to make it past the wildcard round, (b) correctly predicted that the Cubs and Indians to make it through the LDS and LCS rounds to the World Series, and (c) correctly predicted the Cubs to win it all and end their historic 108-year dry spell.”

It adds, “This is not the first time Unanimous A.I. has made headlines for remarkable predictions. Earlier this year, Newsweek challenged their UNU system to predict the 2016 Academy Awards. The Artificial Swarm Intelligence achieved 76% accuracy, out-performing the vast majority of professional movie experts, including Rolling Stone and the LA Times. Unanimous A.I. was then challenged by TechRepublic to predict the Kentucky Derby superfecta — the first four horses in order. UNU made a perfect pick against 542 to 1 odds, turning a $20 bet into $11,800. Unanimous was challenged by CNET to predict the Stanley Cup. UNU not only predicted the Penguins would win it all, but correctly predicted the MVPS and outperformed the experts in predicting the number of games each series would go.”

Read more at Marketwired.

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