Mesosphere Introduces Marathon, an Open-Source Framework

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According to a new article of the company, “Mesosphere, Inc., earlier this week introduced Marathon, an open source framework based on Mesos for long-running services. An example long-running service would be a web app or mobile API based on Ruby on Rails. By running services on the same cluster as Big Data batch jobs, organizations not only save operating costs for their clusters, but also reduce the latency of moving large data products into the real-time apps which consume them. That enables entirely new classes of applications and business opportunities. Apache Mesos is a popular open source cluster scheduler that started as a research project at UC Berkeley’s AMPLab. It has been in production at Internet scale for over two years at Twitter, Airbnb, and other companies.”

The article continues, “The Mesos open source project was recently promoted to a top-level project at Apache. It provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, or ‘frameworks,’ such as Hadoop, Spark, Storm, MPI, etc. In addition, Mesos also runs Memcache, Ruby on Rails, JBoss, MySQL, and other frameworks commonly run on clusters. The introduction of Marathon complements the Chronos project developed earlier this year at Airbnb: given that you have Mesos running as the kernel for your datacenter, Chronos and Marathon provide distributed equivalents for Unix/Linux applications ‘cron’ (scheduled tasks) and ‘init’ (long-running services).”

Read the full article here.

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