New Webcast: Enterprise Policy Management with Semantic Technologies

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In advance of his appearance at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in Washington DC (November 29-December 1, 2011), Evren Sirin, CTO of Clark & Parsia, LLC, will conduct a Webcast on the topic of Using Semantic Technologies for Enterprise Policy Management.

All attendees of the webcast will be entered to win a Free Registration to SemTechBiz DC!*


  • Wednesday, November 16, 2011
  • 2:00 pm EST (US) Click to Register


Access control is an essential part of nearly every IT system; especially in domains dealing with sensitive information such as financial accounts, personal health records, etc.
Oasis standard XACML provides a high-level XML-based language to describe access control policies for distributed resources. However, as systems get larger and more complex, the maintenance and analysis of these policies become an expensive and burdensome task.

In this webcast, we will describe how semantic technologies and automated reasoning techniques can be used to address the policy management problem. We explain how policy analysis services such as formal policy verification, unit testing, and redundancy detection can be provided for XACML policies. We will also discuss how Web Ontology Language (OWL) ontologies can be used to enhance XACML policies with richer descriptions of roles and resources.

We hope you are able to join us on Wednesday, November 16th at: 2pm (EST), 1pm (CST) and 11am (PST).

FURTHER READING: Jennifer Zaino’s recent article about how this work is being applied at J.P. Morgan Chase.

NOTE: There are a limited number of tickets for the live webcast, but we will record and archive the presentation at

*The contest prize consists of a free registration to the conference. Winner is responsible for his/her own travel expenses.


Evren Sirin photo

Evren Sirin
Clark & Parsia, LLC

Evren Sirin is a Semantic Web researcher focusing on the areas of automated reasoning for Web ontologies, Description Logic (DL) reasoning, composition of Web Services, and AI planning. He joined Clark & Parsia in September 2006 after getting his PhD degree from Computer Science department of University of Maryland, College Park.

At the University of Maryland, Evren was a graduate research assistant at the MINDSWAP research group directed by Jim Hendler. During his graduate study, Evren also developed various tools for the Semantic Web including the popular OWL-DL reasoner Pellet which is now being commercially supported by C&P. Evren’s research at MINDSWAP was closely related to and in large funded by the Task Computing project of Fujitsu Labs of America. Evren also participated in the standardization efforts of Semantic Web Services as a member of the OWL-S coalition and contributed to the development of OWL-S ontologies.


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