NICE Investigate Drives Enhanced Investigation Capabilities Through Community Engagement

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A recent press release reports, “NICE announced today that it has enhanced its NICE Investigate Digital Evidence Management and Investigation solution with capabilities that enable law enforcement agencies to easily engage communities to fight crime. Today, there are more than 4 billion camera-equipped cellphones in circulation around the world. Cell phone videos and photos are increasingly playing a role in solving crimes. According to a Nielsen survey conducted by NICE, 95 percent of Americans polled said they’d be willing to share pictures, videos, tips or other evidence if they witnessed a crime or serious incident. But the solutions employed by most police departments today make this difficult to do.”

The release continues, “Using NICE Investigate’s new Public Appeals interface, investigators can create a Public Appeal on the Community Portal for any active investigation in seconds, enabling citizens to easily upload videos, photos and tips. The process retains valuable metadata information, including time/date and location. Uploaded content is automatically virus-checked before being securely stored in the cloud. Investigators are alerted when new case evidence is uploaded so they can immediately review and act on it. The solution scales to support any number of active incidents and large volumes of digital media uploads. Additionally, more and more households and businesses are employing doorbell cameras and outside surveillance systems with 24/7 recording. NICE Investigate also offers a way for citizens and businesses to register these cameras and share video evidence with investigators through a secure portal – all without having to travel to the scene or copy video onto DVDs.”

Read more at Business Wire.

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