Oct 20 DAMA Webinar: The Data Governance of Personal (PII) Data

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DATE: October 20, 2015 This webinar has passed. The recording is available On Demand.

TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

PRICE: Free to all attendees

DAMA Webinar


About the Webinar

OnDemandTo do effective data governance, analysts should preview the amount of data their organization is collecting and consider if it is all necessary information to run the business or just “nice to have” data. Today companies are collecting a variety of Personally identifiable information (PII), combining it with location information, and using it to both personalize their own services and to sell to advertisers for behavioral marketing. Data brokers are tracking cell phone applications and insurance companies are installing devices to monitor driving habits. At the same time, however, hackers are embedding malicious software in company computers, opening a virtual door for criminals to rifle through an organization’s valuable personal and financial information.

This presentation explores:

  • What company data should be tagged as “sensitive” data?
  • Who within the company has access to personal data?
  • Is the company breaking any privacy laws by storing PII data?
  • Is the data secure from both internal and external hackers?
  • What happens if there is an external data breech?

About the Speakers

Catherine Nolan

Information Analyst, Allstate Insurance

Nolan_Cathy.jpgCathy Nolan has an MBA in Business Administration and 25 years’ experience as an Information Analyst. When she became a victim of fraud through the hacking of her credit card information, she began extensive investigation into identity theft and the ways companies are using personal data. Her research led to a book which describes the many ways personal information is being compromised and how the average person can protect themselves and their digital assets.

Ashley Wilson


Wilson_Ashley.jpgAshley Wilson, JD, is an Attorney at Law practicing in Illinois and Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois and received her law degree at Marquette University. As an attorney, she became interested in the growing threat to privacy and the lack of legal protection afforded to individuals by the government and our court system.


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