OnlyBoth Launches Commercial Benchmarking Engine Driven by Artificial Intelligence

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obby Angela Guess

A recent article out of the company reports, “OnlyBoth today announced the commercial availability of the first benchmarking engine, empowering organizations to uncover new insights that drive critical business understanding and improvement. By automating the benchmarking process, OnlyBoth carries out comprehensive, unbiased comparisons that identify the unique peer groups that set a business apart. Driven by proprietary artificial intelligence and communicated in perfect English, this knowledge pinpoints areas for differentiation and improvement, driving the decisions that will shape the future and define the success of the business.”

The article goes on, “Historically, benchmarking has been conducted by industry analysts or an organization’s internal analyst team. However, the delivery of connected business services over the cloud and the Internet of Things has opened the door to easily managed and valuable data, creating vast new opportunities for in-depth benchmarking analysis. The OnlyBoth Benchmarking Engine is artificial intelligence software that simply – and accurately – reviews all combinations of peer groups and quantitative/qualitative data attributes in order to discover new insights and report them with a simple, but powerful user experience. The OnlyBoth Benchmarking Engine enables data-rich, business-services providers to offer comprehensive, automated benchmarking services to their end customers, answering in perfect English the fundamental questions of benchmarking, all in relation to their optionally-anonymized peers: How are we doing?Where could we improve? Which similar peers do best?”

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