Ontotext Platform 3.1 Fosters Easier Development of Knowledge Graphs

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A recent press release reports, “Ontotext has released the 3.1 version of Ontotext Platform – an advanced platform for organizing enterprise knowledge into knowledge graphs. The new release packs a lot of major new capabilities and features such as easy modification of knowledge graphs via GraphQL Mutations, more comprehensive access control via fine-grained role management and single point access across multiple services via GraphQL Federation. It also adds an experimental functionality for easy generation of initial Semantic Objects models from OWL ontologies. Knowledge graphs enable unified information across the enterprise, enriched with contextual and semantic relevance across the silos. They facilitate agile exploration and discovery of relations that reveal critical patterns and insights supporting the organization’s business goals. In this way, they provide the underpinning of modern approaches to organizing machine learning input and output and enable Explainable AI.”

The release continues, “Ontotext Platform lowers the cost and time to build and manage knowledge graphs. It combines the latest software engineering tendencies such as GraphQL-based APIs with knowledge representation principles and the RDF technology stack. At the same time, with the introduction of Semantic Objects, the Platform presents abstractions that are comfortable to business users. With Ontotext Platform 3.1, the development of knowledge graphs is even faster. The Platform automatically generates interfaces to create, update and delete concepts from the Semantic Objects model. These graph mutation functions help focusing on what to update instead of how.”


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