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5936305758_74814ffa25_nby Angela Guess

David Linthicum of Health Data Management recently wrote, “The rise of health information exchange allows for the movement of clinical information between very different health care information systems, while, at the same time, maintaining the meaning of the information.  The objective is to leverage this information to provide better patient-centered care. However, while we may have system-to-system data integration in place to support HIE, the larger issue is how to bring this information to human beings.”

He goes on, “We covered the basics of a patient portal development in my last post, where useful information is brought forth from many back-end systems to the patient, as well as giving the patient an opportunity to provide current health-related data. This month let’s focus on the other major human in the loop, the doctor. The objective of a patient portal is to provide the doctor with the right data at the right time and in the right way so they can make the right diagnostic calls and treatment recommendations.  The core problem with the existing state of most health care delivery systems is that not all physicians will be able to connect to an HIE.  Thus, the use of a portal becomes critical to leverage important data such as the patient’s treatment history, and other patient data that will assist the doctors in making better decisions about patient care.”

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