Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes Accelerates Production-Ready Infrastructure as Code

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A new press release reports, “Pulumi today announced the availability of Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes, an open source collection of frameworks, tools and user guides that help developers and operators work better together delivering production workloads using Kubernetes. It supports managing Kubernetes infrastructure across public clouds including AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Engine (GKE), in addition to application delivery to those environments using built-in best practices. Pulumi is a modern infrastructure as code platform that lets developers author infrastructure and application configuration, using general-purpose programming languages. This approach unlocks access to ecosystems of tools such as IDEs, test frameworks and package managers, helping teams to share and reuse patterns and practices. Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes extends Pulumi’s core infrastructure as code capabilities by providing support for production Kubernetes architectures.”

Fernando Carletti, head of DevOps at Credijusto, commented, “Pulumi enables our teams to deploy, scale and manage Kubernetes clusters in a fraction of the time that it took them previously, by giving them the ability to work with the languages they already know, bypassing YAML and unwieldy DSLs… It helps bring together application and infrastructure developers by eliminating silos and reducing friction in their workflows and interactions. We’re excited that Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes will simplify our infrastructure provisioning even further, advancing application lifecycle management throughout our organization.”

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