Run a Data Center from Your Smartphone

blackberryby Angela Guess

Data startup Tellago Studios has created a system called Moesion that will allow IT managers to run data centers from their smartphones. According to the article, “Moesion is a contraction of mobile and vision (pronounced mo-shun); it lets IT managers roam while continuing to see such data center systems as Windows Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, IIS Web server, and BizTalk integration server.”

The new system “places an agent on each target server, which provides access to the management capabilities built into the server. The agent is capable of receiving a tablet or smartphone query about a server and responding by supplying information to a Tellago website. From there it is relayed to an HTML5-based browser on the IT manager’s mobile device. HTML5 is built into Explorer 8 and 9 and recent versions of Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. With HTML5, a barchart or other graphic device showing usage of CPU or memory could be dynamically updated to a monitoring device.”

The article adds, “Normally such communications need to take place over a VPN or encrypted link between the remote IT manager and the data center. Jesus Rodriguez, Tellago Studios CEO and co-founder, said the company “has been obsessive about security” and encrypts the information in transit, storing no server data on its website, other than a log of the commands issued through its Moesion system. The command log produces an audit trail, a log of events that are being executed on servers in a data center, showing what remote device took what action at what time, he said.”

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photo credit: danieljromanod38

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