SafeBreach Releases New Platform Capabilities to Identify and Mitigate Security Gaps

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A recent press release reports, “SafeBreach Inc, vendor of the industry leading Breach and Attack Simulation platform announced the availability of SafeBreach GRID(™) – Global Risk Director. SafeBreach GRID is the industry’s only breach and attack simulation application that uses correlative analytics to identify security gaps and link them to their potential business impact. Existing solutions like vulnerability management, pen testing and basic breach and attack simulation, can find single point security gaps, but fail to take a system wide, multi-stage “Hacker’s view” of attacks that automatically attempts all available attack paths and then identifies all potential attacker kill chains. Moreover, no other systems today can rank security gaps discovered by their potential business impact if exploited.”

The release continues, “SafeBreach GRID provides the data required for mitigation by correlating data from many complex, multi-stage simulations that run continuously to produce a posture impact score for each security gap found. Second, GRID ranks exploitable security gaps by potential business impact in a single recommendation matrix. This helps security teams prioritize which gaps to address, and provides precise recommendations on how to improve security product configurations to minimize the potential business impact of a breach. GRID also includes a set of risk indicators to help teams track and report on their progress.”

Yaron Levi, CISO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Kansas City, noted, “SafeBreach GRID correlates security gaps discovered during attack simulations with the value of potentially affected assets, automatically calculating the potential business impact of a misconfiguration. It helps my team prioritize which actions to take to maximize protection, and how to minimize the potential damage we might face if our systems were breached.”

Read more at PR Newswire.

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