ScyllaDB Launches Scylla Cloud Database as a Service

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A recent press release reports, “ScyllaDB today announced the launch of Scylla Cloud, a fully managed version of Scylla Enterprise, the ultrafast, scalable and cost-effective NoSQL database in production at leading companies across industries including mobile, IoT, finance, entertainment, social media, advertising and manufacturing. Scylla Cloud handles petabytes of data with ease, performing millions of operations per second with predictable low latencies and global high availability. It allows rapid prototyping, deployment and scaling of applications without the overhead of database administration, allowing developers to move high-performance applications quickly into production.”

The release goes on, “By virtue of its close-to-the-metal design, Scylla’s NoSQL database can efficiently scale up to millions of operations per second on a single 96-vCPU node, and scale out to hundreds of nodes. Scylla Cloud automatically extracts maximum performance from its underlying hardware, generating significant cost savings by requiring fewer servers for a given workload. Scylla Cloud runs the same workloads as Amazon’s DynamoDB and Google Cloud BigTable at roughly one-fifth the price and one-third the latency.”

Dor Laor, CEO and co-founder of ScyllaDB, noted, “Database users no longer have to choose between the convenience of cloud services and the ability to keep costs predictable and low… Existing cloud databases are prohibitively expensive, requiring wasteful overprovisioning, and all too often they can’t meet the SLAs of today’s real-time applications. Many are proprietary top to bottom, and lock enterprises into a specific cloud service with no exit path. With our roots in open source, we built Scylla Cloud to fix all that.”

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