Semantic Technologies, AI, and Big Data Working Together

Artificial Intelligence and Big DataData Scientists and Big Data Analysts can now access knowledge from around the world by using a new platform, called JoveEye. Its launch was announced by GTCOM (Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd) in New York City. JoveEye is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Big Data research platform that offers quick and efficient data responses, displaying the information within seconds.

JoveEye is described as a “global information retrieval and analysis platform.” It was built using a broad range of scientific and technological resources, with the goal of helping to transform data from around the world – and in different languages – into useful insights. The platform utilizes “cross-language” Big Data Analytics and “semantic” research techniques, gathering and analyzing data from over 112 countries.

JoveEye was not created in a vacuum, but was the result of a group effort. GTCOM, headquartered in Beijing, China, worked with Huawei, Haier, Alibaba, and other educational organizations, including the University of Kent, the University of Bristol, and the University of Geneva. Additionally, research organizations, such as the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, assisted in the development of JoveEye. The platform incorporates neural network technology, and translates the various languages used in writing:

  • Scientific information
  • Information about Artificial Intelligence
  • Journal articles
  • Patent information
  • Information about financial data

A Global Database

In a recent DATAVERSITY® interview, GTCOM’s CEO and founder, Eric Yu, stated that JoveEye was developed using diverse technologies. It offers fast and accurate semantics, merged with Big Data research. As a consequence, it offers novel insights using data from a variety of scientific disciplines. The system allows researchers to discover trends and novel concepts from other cultures. He continued:

“An innovation starts with research, so JoveEye strives to break down linguistic and logistical barriers, ultimately kick-starting a product or insight that will change the world. For R&D departments and research professionals, university students and professors, the JoveEye platform will help to save time collating information from around the world in order to develop and further their research. It will give them access to global scientific research and technological open source data – journals, theses, conferences, patents and more other publications hidden away in foreign archives – by translating the transcripts in real-time and analyzing them based on the researcher’s needs.”

Every day, JoveEye receives updates on over 500 million items regarding social data, and 30 million news articles, allowing researchers to find the information they need, said Yu. The platform utilizes cross-language full-text semantic analysis and knowledge graphing. JoveEye also offers other functions, such as machine translation and large-scale technology knowledge graphs, providing support for professional-looking presentations.

Boolean Operations and Translations

Patent research is traditionally based on boolean operations, and use the indexes of patent texts. This is a difficult process, requiring professionals with several years of experience. As a consequence, the retrieval efficiency of useful patent information is surprisingly low. The research, depending on the project’s difficulty and scope, can take several months. The work is tedious and mentally exhausting. The traditional patent research process is remarkably inefficient and has become a major obstacle in patent-information utilization.

The need for researching and tracking foreign patents is increasing on a daily basis, said Yu. However, the differences among English, Chinese, and other languages make traditional patent research remarkably difficult. The ability to translate foreign languages is generally not a skill held by Data Scientists or Big Data Analysts. However, when researching patent risks and infringement, understanding foreign languages becomes an absolute necessity. JoveEye is a significant step forward in the elimination of language barriers and promoting innovation.


Eric Yu joined the China Translation Corporation in 2005, and organized GTCOM in 2013. GTCOM is now described as a leader in AI and Big Data. GTCOM has launched a Multi-lingual Machine Translation Platform, Data Galaxy (a Knowledge Graph Visualization Analysis Platform), DataMap (a Data Visualization Analysis Platform), and other solutions.

“JoveEye’s launch in the US market is considered a big leap in eliminating language barriers and promoting innovation,” said Yu. “GTCOM’s mission statement is to facilitate communication through technological innovation and to realize the full potential of AI and Big Data.”

“Language connects the World, Data inspires the Future” is the company’s motto. GTCOM’s AI technologies include:

  • Image Recognition
  • Machine Translation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Semantic Computing
  • Knowledge Graph
  • YeeSight (a Big Data ecosystem)
  • YeeCloud (a language technology ecosystem)
  • Big Data Analysis and Visualization

GTCOM’s launch of JoveEye and other products provides tailor-made Big Data solutions. Their software solutions include JoveBird (Financial), Insider (Standard), and Spider (news, social networking), which can be used by government researchers, the news media, and financial investors around the world.

GTCOM worked with experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence on how to deliver engaging presentations. These experts came from such organizations as the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Yale University, and from firms such as Microsoft.

In alliance with the world’s foremost universities, research institutes and scientists, GTCOM founded the 2020 Cognitive Intelligence Research Institute in 2016, commented Yu. Focusing on such strategically important fields as cognitive science and AI, the 2020 Institute is committed to R&D and fostering innovations in cutting-edge technologies, including:

The Bottom Line

The JoveEye platform integrates global data from around the world and comes with a storage and cleansing capacity. “It is focused on the scientific research and open source technology located in foreign archives and can translate the literature in real-time,” said Yu. The platform covers billions of data sources in multiple languages, including:

  • Scientific journals
  • Periodicals
  • Patents
  • Theses
  • Blogs
  • News media
  • eCommerce websites
  • Social platform
  • Forums

The technologies and algorithms used in the JoveEye platform “provide a solid foundation for rapid, international research, configuring the data, and the collection and cleansing of data sources,” remarked Yu. This allows for hundreds of millions of technological updates on a daily basis. It is ideal for Research and Development departments, professionals, and university students. Additionally, the platform can save time by collating the information.

Researchers can use JoveEye’s hype cycle curve algorithm to monitor development paths and trends affecting technologies. It can then map a technology using a patent cluster map function designed to locate technological hotspots and keep track of updates. Additionally, JoveEye can identify research institutes and researchers working in specific fields, which can help with research funding and relevant policy-making.


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