Slides: A Data Management Maturity Model Case Study

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About the Webinar

Ally Financial Inc., previously known as GMAC Inc., is a bank holding company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Ally has more than 15 million customers worldwide, serving over 16,000 auto dealers in the US. In 2009 Ally Bank was launched – at present it has over 784,000 customers, a satisfaction score of over 90%, and has been named the “Best Online Bank” by Money magazine for the last four years.

Ally was an early adopter of the DMM, conducting a broad-based evaluation of its data management practices, and creating a strategy and sequence plan for improvements based on the results. Ally’s implementation of an integrated, organization-wide data management program including data governance, a robust data quality program, and managed data standards, resulted in a “Satisfactory” rating on its latest regulatory audit.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Ally employed the DMM to evaluate its data management practices
    • Who was involved / lessons learned
    • How Ally prioritized and sequenced data management improvement initiatives
  • How the data management program has been enhanced and expanded
    • Business impacts and benefits realized
    • Major initiatives completed and underway
  • How Ally is leveraging DMM 1.0 to proactively prepare for BCBS 239 compliance.

About the Speakers

Melanie Mecca
Program Manager, Data Management Maturity Model Products and Services
CMMI Institute

Melanie MeccaMs. Mecca is Program Manager for the Data Management Maturity (DMM)SM Model product suite. In parallel with the DMM’s development, she created a highly interactive method for assessing data management capabilities, and led seven comprehensive DMM Assessments for early adopter organizations in the financial, Federal financial and technology industries. She directed creation of the DMM Introduction course, and her team is completing two additional courses leading to the Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) certification for data management professionals. In her 30+ years solving enterprise data challenges, Ms. Mecca has architected and implemented data strategies and data management programs, and managed design of data architectures, master data hubs, data warehouse components, enterprise data models, and shared data services. In 2014 Ms. Mecca conducted DMM-based classes and webinars, and presented tutorials and case studies at several industry conferences.

Leslie Burgess
Senior Manager, IT Business Operations | Enterprise Data Governance


Leslie Burgess is the IT Business Operations Senior Manager for Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) at Ally Financial.  Leslie has over 20 years of experience in IT Project Management, Strategic Planning and Business Process Reengineering across various industries including Financial Services, Automotive, Publishing and Pharmaceuticals.  Prior to her EDG role, she was part of Ally’s Basel II program, responsible for establishing an overall Data Control Framework that served as a foundational component for Enterprise Data Governance at Ally.  In her current role, Leslie is responsible for overseeing line of business engagements around critical data while also finding ways to engrain sound data management practices into the Lines of Business’ standard operating procedures.  When not working, Leslie enjoys her personal time with her family managing the animals on their ranch.

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