Snow Software Announces Its First Generative AI Assistant, Snow Copilot

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According to a new press release, Snow Software has unveiled its first generative AI assistant, Snow Copilot, designed to address significant challenges in IT Asset Management (ITAM) and FinOps. Developed within Snow Labs, the innovation arm of Snow Software, Snow Copilot is an AI assistant that enables users to ask conversational questions and receive natural language responses. Initially available for Software Asset Management (SAM) computer data in Snow Atlas, Snow Copilot aims to enhance decision-making and data insights by leveraging artificial intelligence to tackle multifaceted ITAM and FinOps challenges. Snow Labs serves as a space for rapid experimentation and prototyping, allowing the organization to explore emerging technologies that can transform the way customers interact with their technology asset data.

The initiative aligns with Snow’s broader vision of technology intelligence, focusing on the ability to understand and manage all technology data through Snow Atlas. The generative AI in Snow Copilot aims to bridge the visibility gap in IT, helping organizations extract more value from their data and make informed decisions on software, cloud services, and technology assets. The use of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service ensures secure data processing, addressing concerns of data privacy and integrity. Snow Copilot represents the first of several planned AI capabilities, with future features such as machine learning entitlement ingestion, enhanced data intelligence services, and fine-tuning large language models, scheduled for release on Snow Atlas in 2024.

Snow Atlas, the Technology Intelligence platform released in 2021, provides a unified view and actionable intelligence for managing IT landscapes, combining ITAM, SaaS management, cloud cost, and FinOps functions. Snow aims to usher in a new era of technology work, emphasizing confidence and preparation for organizations to embrace this monumental shift. Snow Copilot and other AI innovations will be accessible to current Snow Atlas customers through enrollment in the beta program, aligning with the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and addressing the evolving needs of technology management.

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