Solidatus Demo: Navigating Through the Data Privacy Labyrinth

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Currently, 128 countries have data privacy laws and by 2022, over 1m organizations will have a DPO. For each of us, ensuring our personal data is kept under control is paramount as we navigate through life. For global organizations, leveraging customer data to deliver business results while juggling the demands of multiple regulators and jurisdictions is extremely challenging. 

In this presentation, we’ll show that by institutionalizing a ‘lineage first’ approach to data management, tracking personal data, its use, and how it interacts with your organization’s systems and processes across jurisdictions, becomes seamless. With Solidatus, compliance expenditure isn’t narrowly constrained and can, instead, be transformative – an opportunity to elevate and transform a business’ data capabilities.

Philip Dutton

Co-CEO & Co-founder

Since its inception, Philip has led the Solidatus vision and team as Co-CEO and Co-Founder. With over two decades of industry experience, Philip has become a recognized and influential thought leader within the FinTech, RegTech and Data Management space and has campaigned to revolutionize the data economy and change the way the world manages data. Prior to Solidatus, Philip delivered multiple global digital transformation projects across industries, championing businesses to become proactive in their management of data. He has supported organizations in delivering quantifiable and future-proof business results, while leading the Solidatus team in addressing real-life data challenges by uncovering its true value. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in Information Systems and Software Engineering (Honours I) from Griffith University in Australia. 

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