Sponsor Spotlight Column: Ibrahim Surani of Astera Software on Data Integration

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edw2013-sponsor-spotlightby Charles Roe

DATAVERSITY™ recently interviewed Ibrahim Surani at Astera Software.  Astera Software are the developers of Centerprise RT a complex, high performance, and unified data integration system that function on many different platforms.

Astera Software are a Sponsor at the Enterprise Data World 2014 Conference in Austin, Texas from April 27 – May 1, 2014.

The Sponsor Spotlight Column (and its parallel venture the Speaker Spotlight Column) is an ongoing project that focuses on highlighting several of the central issues represented at the many Data Management conferences produced by DATAVERSITY.

The primary emphasis of the interview was to question Ibrahim Surani and Astera Software on their current work and history within the industry, with particular importance on the products and/or services being highlighted at the upcoming conference:

DATAVERSITY (DV): What’s your company elevator pitch? Why should a business person care about the solution you provide?

Astera Software:  Astera Software develops complex hierarchical data integration solutions that enable enterprises to extract, migrate, transform, share, and store their data on premise and in real time so it can be leveraged for business intelligence purposes to streamline processes, make more informed business decisions, and promote partner relationships.

DV: What will you be highlighting at EDW14?

Astera Software:  Astera is launching Centerprise RT, an innovative solution that facilitates rapid development and deployment of data services and real-time integration to enable businesses to share the same data internally and with partners.

DV: What’s the unique selling proposition of your product or service versus your competitors? What do you do that nobody else does (or better than anyone else)?

Astera Software:  The unique value proposition of Centerprise RT is that it combines Astera’s signature complex data integration power and functionality with the ability to build and deploy web services and real-time integration processes. Centerprise RT enables 24/7 interaction within a single, central interface through a wide range of systems and devices, ensuring that businesses, partners, and customers are all sharing the same data on demand. The Centerprise drag-and-drop, user-friendly interface enables business users as well as developers to work with the product, maximizing ROI and lowering IT costs.

DV: Why should EDW14 attendees stop by your booth this year?

Astera Software:  EDW14 attendees should stop by to see for themselves that data integration doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. We’ll be demonstrating the power, usability, and affordability of our data integration solutions designed for complex, hierarchical data like EDI, XML, web services, and social media platforms, the superior usability of our code-free, drag-and-drop environment, and the unique technical features that enable users to quickly and easily extract, transform, store, and share their data. We are also actively seeking to partner with resellers, OEMs, and system integrators to develop Astera-enabled data integration and management solutions.

DV: What do you see as the most significant trend happening at this time within the Data Management industry?

Astera Software:  The most significant trend we see in the Data Management industry today is that data is now everywhere. It has moved from within the physical confines of the company to the partner sites to the cloud. Today’s successful businesses are connected at all times— connected to their data, connected to their partners and customers, connected to their internal divisions. The ability to access and share information whenever and wherever needed is enabling more agile and flexible companies with deeper insights, more streamlined and efficient processes, and stronger customer and partner relationships.

DV: How is such a trend going to affect your particular business focus? How does your product/service address that trend?

Astera Software:  This trend towards integrating and sharing the same data on demand via the cloud plays directly into our business focus and validates the planning and development we’ve been doing over the past several years to take our expertise in data integration to the next level. Enterprises need a platform that integrates data not only from internal databases but from the cloud and partners as well. Through our latest offering, Centerprise RT, we are able to meet current and future demand by providing a product that not only offers all the technologies needed to integrate the massive volumes of complex, unstructured data being generated, but enables sharing in real time through the deployment and use of web services.

We have also seen in the past couple years that enterprises are not shying away from evaluating and ultimately purchasing products from smaller players such as ourselves when those products meet their needs more fully and more economically than those of the industry leaders.  Industry-leading analysts like Gartner are talking about a big shift in the market centering on the fact that there is a desire for different thinking and different approaches, and a willingness on the part of buyers to take some risk in adopting newer offerings rather than simply going with the big vendors by default.

DV: What is the biggest challenge your customers are facing when it comes to Data Management?

Astera Software:  Our customers range from global enterprises like Wells Fargo Bank, Raymond James Financial, Hewlett Packard Co., Bank of America, and the USDA to smaller organizations with relatively simple data integration needs. They are looking to us to efficiently and cost-effectively solve their complex hierarchical data integration challenges such as building and managing data warehouses, integrating in-house and Cloud applications, and managing integration with business partners, among other applications.

DV: How are you as a company working to address that challenge?

Astera Software:  We are working side-by-side with our customers to ensure that the unique technologies we develop, and in which they invest, continue to meet their needs today and into the future. The key to complex, hierarchical data management is superior data mapping functionality. Data mapping is very difficult and must be done correctly in order to deliver the desired results. Astera’s expertise is in this area and we are continually innovating new technologies that advance complex Data Management capabilities, both on premise and through the Cloud. Centerprise RT is a major step in helping our customers address the challenge of integrating in-house and Cloud applications and managing disparate business partners, and we have major products in development for future challenges.

DV: What’s the most exciting thing currently in your product or development pipeline that customers can look forward to in the near future?

Astera Software:  The biggest thing we have in the pipeline is the establishment of Centerprise as .NET-based Cloud integration platform for enterprise. Centerprise RT is the first step in this direction, and we plan on rolling out the full platform within the next year.

DV: What’s your favorite quote on “Data” or “Data Management?”

Astera Software:

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming

“Data are becoming the new raw material of business.” – Craig Mundie



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