Streamlined Data-Driven Solutions with Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

AnalyticsT4G (originally Technologies for Growth) offers a broad range of creative thinkers and technical experts to help streamline the process of data-driven business transformation. They provide end-to-end technology solutions. Their goal is to make an organization more efficient, rationalized, and competitive in the modern world of constant change.

According to T4G and Gary Filan, Vice President of Analytics:

“Our approach to Data Science and BI means you get speed, accountability, and results. Quickly seeing progress from our teams of engineers and Data Scientists gives your stakeholders momentum to get started and results to prove its value. This sets the stage for realizing continued success from data driven decision making.”

Their expertise covers key areas of technology and business while leveraging knowledge in Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Warehousing, Cloud services, Data Governance, Agile Development, Systems Integration, DevOps, and many others. T4G acts as a consultant for a variety of organizations. The services they provide include:

  • Analytics: Data is turned into valuable, unbiased insights, allowing for context and direction to be included in the decision-making process.
  • Digital Marketing: This process supports creating the customer experience with storytelling, technology, and organization.
  • Managed Services: Simplifies and streamlines digital business with cutting-edge solutions and expertise.
  • Development: Plans and designs for the future using the right solutions.

T4G’s business philosophy focuses on a commitment to the client’s success. Many of their clients are repeat customers and have worked with T4G for years. T4G claims they have earned their client’s trust by delivering on what they promise, and the reviews do not dispute their claim. They state that they “are dedicated to nurturing honest, trusting, long-term relationships that allow us to pursue the brilliant solutions that help make our clients’ business better.”

Analytics – Defining the Research

Maximizing the results of Big Data research means creating a comprehensive Data Strategy at the start of the project. Asking and answering intelligent business questions are part of the consultation process. Sadly, many organizations often start an analytics program by asking the wrong questions. T4G prefers questions that, when answered, provide a specific action with a measurable result. During meetings with their clients, they identify business questions, refine them, and determine their value.

Business Analytics is generally focused on financial measurements. However, the Website Analytics (conversion rates, bounce rates) and Operations Analytics (volume of work done, error rates, customer complaint rates) are also valuable and should be integrated into the overall business analytics equation. Details are important, as are the right questions.

T4G and the Mattamy Homes Case Study

Mattamy Homes discovered they might miss their deadline for setting up a new website. Missing the deadline would be both embarrassing and expensive. T4G was approached for help.

Because of the project’s urgency, tasks needed to be performed with a great deal of overlap. T4G  decided on a using a tightly run, but collaborative approach to speed the project along to completion.

With an extremely limited amount of time (Mattamy’s deadline was six months away), the T4G team and Mattamy’s branding agency joined forces and got to work.  The first thing they did was rebuild the user experience design. (Producing some truly stunning website visual results in the process.)

Other important features they worked on included:

  • Integrating with Mattamy’s email marketing platform (Eloqua).
  • Personalizing the first-time visitor experience by providing relevant, localized information.
  • A platform empowering stakeholders to make improvements.

Six months later, they made the deadline. T4G and Mattamy Homes created a responsive, world-class website, with immediate, measurable results. The results included:

  • A 72 percent increase in Unique Visitors.
  • A 78 percent increase in Pageviews.
  • A 43 percent increase in Average Session Duration.
  • A 30 percent decrease in Bounce Rate.
  • A 900 percent increase in platform adoption.
  • A 192 percent increase in mobile sessions.
  • A reduction of marketing requests to IT group.

It should come as no surprise Mattamy Homes continues to be a long-term, repeat T4G customer. Currently, T4G provides enhancements and ongoing support. They also provide social media services, content strategy, and usability consulting for their recent converts.

Digital MarketingA Strategy of Maximized Communication

T4G uses an integrated digital marketing philosophy. They approach complex marketing issues with a strategy of mixing and merging branding, design, storytelling, and technology. Their intent is to clearly define the client’s vision, execute campaigns, and attract business. Their experienced team designs memorable experiences for viewers, enhancing the way they perceive the website.

Content is very important when dealing with the extremely competitive online retail market. During marketing campaigns, on-demand scalability for peak times is used, helping marketing teams implement more campaigns. They strive to minimize errors and ensure appropriate Data Governance and brand compliance within the content. They partner with a client’s team to create and publish a website’s content efficiently and accurately.

Managed Services – Using Cutting-Edge Technologies

T4G offers fully managed Cloud hosting services. This turns your infrastructure into an on-demand service, providing all the advantages of the Cloud, with none of the hassle or increased expenses. They can manage the complexity of business databases and applications. They will maintain applications, and provide support, when testing environments for customized applications or critical enterprise platforms.

T4G provides proactive, fast, friendly support, 24/7, for a broad range of IT issues. They will keep an organization’s data and systems secure and compliant. They make vulnerability assessments, and threat management solutions. They also provide penetration testing. (And, they provide support for Apple systems, if that’s your technological preference.)

Development – Shifting to a Streamlined, Efficient Work Environment

T4G develops and integrates eCommerce technologies designed to fully engage an organization’s customers. Their approach is quite simple: Provide the best customer experience possible, regardless of what is required. They focus on next-gen Data Architecture and emerging technologies to maximize an organizations efficiency. By leveraging modern technology, they keep an organization relevant, all the while ensuring the new system is fully integrated with the client’s business strategy. By building reliability and consistency into an online system, customers come to trust a brand.

Most organizations would appreciate a bit of an edge in this fast-paced business world. T4G offers an Innovation Lab and Agile coaching to streamline the way services and information are provided, while automating services and removing unnecessary data silos (wasted storage/memory). T4G’s approach offers a seamless digital experience, and enhances an organization’s ability to reach customers. Cutting-edge technologies may seem like science fiction to some, but they are becoming a reality.

Gary Filan said:

“A fairly massive shift is going on right now, with regards to automation, the acceptance of companies to embrace automation. What’s the best way to phrase this… the application of science, the data, is now there to automate repetitive jobs.”

An example of this is JPMorgan’s use of a learning software program that can process tedious paper work extremely quickly. It can perform 360,000 hours of work, normally performed by lawyers and staff, in seconds. The program is called COIN (Contract Intelligence), and takes over the tedious task of interpreting a variety of commercial loan documents.

Systems of Intelligence are becoming popular in business, as Artificial Intelligence and massive volumes of data become more available. Organizations wanting to use Applied AI for these purposes can automate routine activities for greater efficiency, and actively experiment with augmentation for greater efficiency. Augmentation promotes strategic thinking and provides instant information and data governance.

Filan stated:

“Applied AI is the automation of a single line solution, so it can do something that’s generally repetitive, and it can do it quicker and better than a person can.”

T4G recently helped Enbridge to develop a System of Intelligence that increased its wind farm business efficiency. This creative solution increased the wind farm’s up-time and increased the efficiency of wind energy being harvested. As a consequence, Enbridge gained a 200 percent increase in profitability and could now predict prices, profits, and usage, with very reasonable accuracy. The system also provides insights, allowing Enbridge to predict and avoid a variety of maintenance, demand, and generation problems.


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