Styra Braces Kubernetes for Onslaught of Compliance Demands

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According to a new press release, “Styra, Inc., the founders of Open Policy Agent (OPA) and leader in cloud-native authorization, today announces that it is addressing one of the most significant enterprise blockers of Kubernetes: compliance. With Styra, enterprises can, for the first time, move Kubernetes clusters into production en masse while complying with traditional governance, audit, and compliance rules and regulations. Styra is launching new features for its Kubernetes policy and compliance solution, Declarative Authorization Service (DAS). The DAS enhancements include the first in a series of Compliance Packs, a cohesive set of Kubernetes admission control policies which provide guardrails in compliance with regulatory standards; and Policy Stacks, which allow enterprises to easily manage a uniform set of policies across multiple clusters that perform similar functions (e.g., all production clusters, or all clusters regulated by PCI).”

The release continues, “Following the announcement of its $14 million Series A funding last week, Styra is continuing its innovations to define, enforce, and validate Kubernetes security. To meet the regulatory, governance, audit, and compliance requirements of the rapidly evolving Kubernetes landscape, Styra’s DAS is now the first solution that makes it possible to prove security to both internal and external audiences. Styra’s commercial Declarative Authorization Service provides a management plane to define and apply context-based guardrails—built from a graphical policy library—which mitigate risks, reduce human error, and accelerate development. Styra DAS makes management of distributed OPA deployments possible, facilitates multi-cluster and multi-cloud management, and enables DevOps teams to prove security and compliance both internally and externally.”

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