Synametrics Technologies Announces Synaman, A New Web-Based Remote File Manager Ensuring Data Security

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synby Angela Guess

A new article out of the company reports, “Synametrics Technologies, a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has unveiled SynaMan, a web-based remote file manager allowing users to upload or download files from any computer or mobile device, anywhere on the Internet. Users can access, transfer and send large files directly from their iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile device. SynaMan comes with a built-in web server that, by default, listens on two HTTP ports and one HTTPS port to ensuring secure communication.”

The article goes on, “SynaMan acts as a central repository to share project-specific data and documents with team members, and sends automatic email notifications when new files have been added. Using an intuitive web interface, administrators can create shared folders, grant read/write permissions to individuals and monitor users’ activity through an audit-trail logs. SynaMan eliminates the need for an FTP server and works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Once installed on a host machine, there is no need to install additional software or configure any web/database servers.”

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