data Artisans Introduces Industry’s First Serializable ACID Transactions Directly on Streaming Data

According to a new press release, “data Artisans, founded by the original creators of Apache Flink®, today unveiled at the Flink Forward Berlin conference a new patent-pending technology that extends the scope of stream processing with fast, serializable ACID transactions directly on streaming data. With the introduction of data Artisans Streaming Ledger, data Artisans is […]

A Brief History of Non-Relational Databases

First came relational databases, which provide a useful comparison for understanding non-relational databases. Invented by Edgar F. Codd in 1970, the relational database arranges data into different rows and columns by associating a specific key for each row. Almost all relational database systems use Structured Query Language (SQL) and are remarkably complex. They are traditionally […]

GridGain Systems Introduces Next-Generation In-Memory Computing Platform

by Angela Guess A new press release reports, “GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing platform solutions based on Apache® Ignite™, today announced GridGain 8.1. The solution expands the bounds of in-memory computing with a new memory-centric architecture, which leverages ongoing advancements in memory and storage technologies to provide distributed in-memory computing performance with the […]

NuoDB 2.6 Delivers Elastic SQL Database for Scaling On-Demand Cloud Applications

by Angela Guess According to a new press release, “NuoDB, the elastic SQL database company for cloud applications, today released NuoDB 2.6 to enable customers to elastically scale out their modern cloud applications as part of their digital transformation efforts. With formal support for active-active database deployments across Amazon Web Services (AWS) Availability Zones, NuoDB […]

The Dawn of NewSQL: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional RDBMS and NoSQL

Click here to learn more about author Jeff Boehm. In the history of computing, the introduction of the relational database helped spark an explosion of application development and delivery. Yet while that technology has experienced improvements over the decades, it’s built on 30-year-old concepts of computing. Modern day organizations have a clear strategy toward globalization […]

GridGain Systems Introduces In-Memory Computing Solutions Deployed on Azure

by Angela Guess According to a recent press release, “GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade In-Memory Computing solutions based on Apache® Ignite™, announced today that they are now offering the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric deployed on Microsoft Azure. The newly available GridGain on Azure will help financial services organizations leverage Microsoft’s integrated cloud services to rapidly […]

FoundationDB Plans to Raise the NoSQL Stakes

by Angela Guess Maria Deutscher of Silicon Angle reports, “FoundationDB Inc. reportedly intends to open a new front in its war against the conventional wisdom of database design with the planned addition of another configuration option for its adaptive key-value store. If and when the move materializes, the startup can expect to draw considerably more […]

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