Get Ready to Operationalize Big Data Apps

The Big Data Executive Survey released by NewVantage Partners earlier this year shows that close to three-quarters of the respondents surveyed believe they are getting measurable value from their Big Data and Artificial Intelligence projects, which the survey considers as extensions of Analytics capabilities. That number, NewVantage reports, is half again higher than in the […]

5 Considerations Surrounding Big Data Risks

by Angela Guess Chael Christopher of NewVantage Partners recently wrote in Datamation, “Not much of consequence happens without risk. As more organizations realize the value of Hadoop while they look to adopt big data into their technology portfolio, they also need to consider the inherent potential for negative consequences. Big data has opened up a […]

6 Big Trends for Big Data

by Angela Guess Daniel Fallmann recently wrote in IT Pro Portal, “Big Data is no longer just a marketing department slogan, and is increasingly becoming a more vital and integral part of current IT strategies. No wonder, because the pioneering technology helps companies to link scattered corporate data and information and to use it intelligently […]

Big Data Performance Tuning: What You Need to Know

by Angela Guess Lockwood Lyon recently wrote in Database Journal, “Big data applications are now in place to support business analytics processing. However, many standard performance tuning options (such as indexes) may no longer apply. Here we investigate the differences between operational systems and big data systems, and present common options for big data performance […]

Big Data and the Mainframe

by Angela Guess Ken Hess recently wrote in ZDnet, “By a virtual show of hands, who loves mainframes? No one? Really? I get it. It’s not really something that people love or hate; it just is. By another virtual show of hands, have you worked on or do you currently work with mainframes? OK, so […]

3 Big Data Roadblocks and How to Get Past Them

by Angela Guess Luc Burgelman, CEO of NGDATA, recently wrote in Entrepreneur, “The benefits of big data are well documented, especially for organizations looking to create more personal and impactful customer experiences… So, what is keeping companies from going full throttle on big data? Fear of change? Lack of manpower? Something else? From my vantage […]

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