The Future of NLP in Data Science

According to many market statistics, data volume is doubling every two years, but in future this time span may get further reduced. The vast portion of this data (about 79 percent) is text data. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the sub-branch of Data Science that attempts to extract insights from “text.” Thus, NLP is assuming […]

Why Data Science is Not Statistics

Click to learn more about author Alex Paretski. Statistics as a branch of applied mathematics plays an important role in identifying hidden patterns in data. That’s why it is frequently used interchangeably with broader terms such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Machine Learning. Not only is this comparison technically incorrect, but it […]

Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends 2019

In 2019, Advanced Analytics capabilities with minimal manual efforts will remain the hallmark of all competitive Business Intelligence solutions. The Business Application Research Center (BARC) 2018 Business Intelligence Survey indicates that the global BI solutions market is slated for major technological changes. The primary technology initiatives that BI users can expect in 2019 are Cloud BI deployments, BI […]

Sisense Hunch Turns IoT Devices Into Supercomputers

According to a new press release, “Sisense, disrupting the business intelligence (BI) market by simplifying business analytics for complex data, today announced the launch of the patent-pending Sisense Hunch Data Cognition Engine (‘Sisense Hunch’) from Sisense Labs. Sisense Hunch ‘learns’ massive datasets and can produce microsecond analytical responses to queries that are 99 percent accurate […]

Advanced Analytics: Exploration of Some Transformative Future Trends

The wide availability of streaming devices, monumental volumes of data, cheap storage platforms, and hosted Analytics Infrastructure have jointly contributed to the rapid adoption of Advanced Analytics by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Any reasonably well-informed business can now take advantage of outsourced Analytics Platforms and extract the maximum value from their data. This […]

Are Data Scientists Needed in the Self-Service Analytics World?

Fully-automated or semi-automated software systems will begin deliver more reliable Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) reports than human Data Scientists by 2019 says Gartner. As Artificial Intelligence-powered BI technology heads towards full self-service, a general concern in the Data Science community is whether human Data Scientists will become obsolete due to the presence of super-intelligent […]

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