How to Prevent Enterprise Collaboration from Stifling Knowledge Management?

Click to learn more about author Sandra Lupanava. It has never been easy to set up robust Knowledge Management in an enterprise. Organizational silos, communication barriers, and knowledge complexity often stall the development of Knowledge Management practices. In this context, organizations consider productive employee collaboration essential to successful Knowledge Management. Indeed, a collaboration-driven corporate culture […]

A Brief History of Data Storage

Punch cards were the first effort at Data Storage in a machine language. Punch cards were used to communicate information to equipment “before” computers were developed. The punched holes originally represented a “sequence of instructions” for pieces of equipment, such as textile looms and player pianos. The holes acted as on/off switches. Basile Bouchon developed […]

How to Avoid Messing Up Big Data Analytics

Click to learn more about author Ravi Shankar. “Big Data” is still in the news these days, but the story has evolved from describing what it is to how an organization can actually use all that data for actionable intelligence, or “Big Data Analytics”. In fact, Forbes just reported on a Honeywell study of 200 manufacturing […]

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