The Growing Field of Enterprise Asset Management

by Angela Guess Maria Deutscher of Silicon Angle reports, “The wave of new technology that is sweeping through the IT industry is already making a difference for many organizations, but in the trenches, the disruption happening upstream does not overshadow the fundamental need to keep business operations running smoothly. Facilities and equipment lifecycle governance is a […]

Integrating NoSQL Into Your Business: Why It’s Time

by Angela Guess Jason Tee of The Server Side recently wrote, “Horizontal scalability, the ability to build out quickly and easily at a low cost, is a leading perk of NoSQL. Eric Redmond, author of Seven Databases in Seven Months, explains the promise of NoSQL simply and succinctly: ‘Rather than scaling vertically and spending millions of dollars on an […]

Why Your Company Needs a CDO

by Angela Guess Brad Peters of Forbes recently wrote, “Now that we are over the initial excitement of being able to capture and manipulate mountains of data, the challenge becomes identifying the truly valuable information in those data mountains. And just as important, presenting that valuable data in ways that the different stakeholders in an organization […]

Tired of Hearing the Term “Big Data” Misused?

by Angela Guess John McDuling of certainly is. McDuling recently wrote, “‘Selfie’ recently beat out ‘twerk’ and ‘bitcoin’ to be named The Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year. If a similar list were to exist for the most annoying and overused corporate buzzwords of 2013, then ‘big data’ probably deserves to be near the top of it. As […]

The Big Data Wave: What It Means For You

by Angela Guess Shashi Upadhyay of PandoDaily recently wrote, “Just a few months ago, big data was added to this year’s Oxford English Dictionary, but then again, so was twerk. There’s been a lot of backlash at big data as a buzz term (recently The New York Times,AllThingsD), with Gartner adding fuel to the fire saying it’s headed into […]

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