A Brief History of Data Security

Data Security describes the protection of digital data from a cyberattack or a data breach. A data breach is the unauthorized opening of data, typically to read or copy the information. Stolen data may contain confidential information, such as customer data, credit card numbers, or trade secrets. A cyberattack is much more aggressive. It is […]

Data Security: Can My Car Be Hacked?

Click here to learn more about author Cathy Nolan. Of course it can. Anything that uses a computer to operate it or any of its systems can be hacked, but the potential for harm has been largely swept under the rug by car manufacturers. The fact that criminals can either remotely or directly take control […]

Why Hackers Have the Edge on Artificial Intelligence

by Angela Guess Neel V. Patel recently wrote for Inverse, “Hackers, whose m.o. is to outthink machines, remain largely unconcerned about progress in artificial intelligence or artificial counterintelligence. They know that just because computers can be smarter and more facile than humans doesn’t mean humans can’t turn the tables. ‘No A.I. that presently exists can […]

Cloud-Clout Unveils Cloud Data Storage System With 100% Bulletproof Protection

by Angela Guess A recent article out of the company reports, “Cloud-Clout (#cloudclout) today unveiled its ground-breaking cloud-powered data storage system. Fully secure and always reliable, Cloud-Clout encrypts and fragments users’ data across multiple servers around the world to deliver 100% bulletproof protection, and is the perfect data security solution for consumers worried about their […]

Why Your Business Needs Better Data Security

by Angela Guess Steve Jones of Capgemini recently wrote for Wired, “The security challenges that businesses face on a daily basis are innumerable. In fact, we’ve spent the last thirty years securing all things imaginable – firewalls, antivirus, access and identity controls, biometrics, GRC, etc. However, today’s ‘hackers’ are smarter than ever and companies need […]

Safeguarding the Smart Energy Grid

by Angela Guess Adam Stone of Emergency Management recently wrote, ” Sci-fi movies have warned us again and again: Sooner or later, our technology will destroy us. The moment will come when machines become so smart, they will become a force for destruction rather than the engine of our general betterment. Will it be the smart energy grid that […]

In Recognition of Data Privacy Day

by Angela Guess Duncan MacRae of CBR reports, “IT security experts have described [today’s] Data Privacy Day (DPD) as extremely timely, following recent high profile hacks around the globe. DPD, held annually on January 28, aims to encourage everyone to make protecting privacy and data a greater priority – empowering and educating people to protect their […]

Fighting Hackers with Big Data

by Angela Guess Arik Hesseldahl of All Things D recently discussed how HP’s focus on the Cloud and Big Data might make a big difference in the hacker wars. He writes, “Hewlett-Packard’s senior VP and head of its Software Enterprise Security Products, Art Gilliland, is speaking today at the RSA Security conference in San Francisco. […]

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