Are Data Scientists Needed in the Self-Service Analytics World?

Fully-automated or semi-automated software systems will begin deliver more reliable Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) reports than human Data Scientists by 2019 says Gartner. As Artificial Intelligence-powered BI technology heads towards full self-service, a general concern in the Data Science community is whether human Data Scientists will become obsolete due to the presence of super-intelligent […]

The Growing Prevalence and Accessibility of Machine Learning

by Angela Guess Sanjit Dang recently wrote in ReadWrite, “It’s not every day you can witness an entire class of software making the transition from specialized, expensive-to-develop code to a general-purpose technology. But that’s exactly what’s happening with machine learning. Chances are, you’re already hip-deep in machine-learning applications. It’s how Google Photo organizes those pictures […]

12 Machine Learning Tools to Benefit Your Business

by Angela Guess Matthew Finnegan and Christina Mercer recently wrote in ComputerWorld UK, “With businesses increasingly keen on incorporating artificial intelligence into their operations, machine learning – the ability for a system to learn from large data sets rather than following preset rules – offers a number of benefits. This might mean building predictive models […]

Can Machine Learning Predict Depression?

by Angela Guess Arshya Vahabzadeh recently wrote in The Huffington Post, “Can machine learning predict the extent and length of someone’s depression, right from the outset? In a study published in Molecular Psychiatry, baseline data from over a thousand people with major depressive disorder was analyzed. The aim was to predict the severity and chronicity […]

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