ScyllaDB Announces Release of Its NoSQL Database and Support for Concurrent OLTP and OLAP

A new press release states, “ScyllaDB, the real-time big data database company, kicked off its two-day Scylla Summit by announcing a major release of its database, Scylla Open Source 3.0. The company also previewed Scylla support for concurrent OLTP and OLAP, an industry first that enables simultaneous transactional and analytical processing. This release marks a […]

Essential Open Source Big Data Tools

Click to learn more about author Paul Bates. The analysis of Big Data is a phenomenon that has gained considerable momentum in the past decade. The transition into the information age has made the analysis and visualization of Big Data vital to the success of any business. Data visualization tools enable researchers to gain insight into […]

MarkLogic Unveils MarkLogic Data Hub Service

According to a new press release, “MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced the launch of MarkLogic Data Hub Service, which provides the fastest and most cost-effective way for enterprises to integrate, store, harmonize, analyze and secure mission-critical data in the cloud. MarkLogic Data Hub Service amplifies the power […]

Connecting SQL and NoSQL into One Platform

Merging the comfortable familiarity and efficiency of SQL with the flexibility and scalability of a non-relational systems is no easy task. CrateDB, offered by, is a “distributed SQL database that is built on top of a NoSQL foundation.” It allows users who are comfortable using and SQL database to save and query machine data, […]

Cloud Build or Buy? Answers for the Enterprise

Click to learn more about author John Morrell. In today’s fast-paced world, organizations must constantly adapt and innovate to maintain their competitive advantage. Cloud Computing has revolutionized the technological landscape, allowing companies to “rent” time on online services without having rapidly-obsolescing hardware on-site. Nowhere is this clearer than the realm of Data Analytics, where a […]

Four Common Big Data Challenges

Click to learn more about author Yuvrajsinh Vaghela. Data volumes are continuing to grow and so are the possibilities of what can be done with so much raw data available. However, organizations need to be able to know just what they can do with that data and how much they can leverage to build insights for […]

Data Modeling and NoSQL: Innovation and Flexibility

Hackolade offers an array of Data Modeling tools designed for various NoSQL databases. Their software is user-friendly, while providing powerful graphics. These features, combined with flexible HTML model documentation, provide a visual blueprint for each application. Hackolade’s output is similar to a CAD printout produced by a draftsman or architect. The blueprint promotes discussion. Pascal […]

A Brief History of Non-Relational Databases

First came relational databases, which provide a useful comparison for understanding non-relational databases. Invented by Edgar F. Codd in 1970, the relational database arranges data into different rows and columns by associating a specific key for each row. Almost all relational database systems use Structured Query Language (SQL) and are remarkably complex. They are traditionally […]

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