Pandora Selects Veriflow CloudPredict for Multi-Cloud Intent-Based Verification

A new press release reports, “Veriflow, the pioneer in automated network intent verification, today achieved another industry milestone, announcing that Pandora, the largest music streaming service in the U.S., has selected Veriflow to provide intent verification for Pandora’s multi-cloud environment. Multi-cloud adoption grew globally by 300 percent in 2017, with approximately 80 percent of IT […]

Big Data Meets the Music Industry

by Angela Guess Bernard Marr recently wrote in The Huffington Post, “Technology and music are bedfellows again – though the fat cat record company execs smoking fat cigars have been replaced by coffee-sipping tech whiz kids. And Big Data and analytics have played a big part in this reinvigorated romance. From recommendation engines designed to […]

5 Big Data Companies Disrupting Their Markets

by Angela Guess Brigg Patten recently wrote for Datanami, “Big data has made a dramatic impact on companies all over America, but running big data programs is only one side of the puzzle. After collecting the data, companies need to analyze it… With a surge in start-up companies seeing big results in figures and customers, […]

Amazon Fires Up Fire TV Featuring Voice Search And Content Viewing Prediction Capabilities

by Jennifer Zaino Amazon today unveiled its Fire TV streaming video device. During the announcement event in Manhattan, company vice president Peter Larsen called the $99 set top box “tiny, incredibly powerful and unbelievably simple.” For users, that power and simplicity are designed to be evident in features such as the device’s ability to project and […]

How Pandora Uses Big Data to Stay on Top

by Angela Guess Amadou Diallo of Forbes reports, “With a monthly audience of more than 72 million active listeners, Pandora’s lead in the streaming radio market is a significant one. But the Oakland-based company’s advantage over its competitors – which now include Apple’s  iTunes Radio –  goes beyond monthly listener metrics. Pandora has garnered its sizeable following by […]

The Power and Limits of Hadoop

by Angela Guess Gregory Mone has written an insightful look beyond Hadoop for the Communications of the ACM magazine. Mone begins, “Pandora will not discuss exactly how much data it churns through daily, but head of playlist engineering Eric Bieschke says the company has at least 20 billion thumb ratings. Once every 24 hours, Pandora […]

Nara Neural Networking Dining Personalization Service Goes Mobile, Adds Cities, And Targets New Categories With Partners

Early in the summer, The Semantic Web Blog introduced readers to Nara, an advanced neural networking service to automate, personalize and curate web dining experiences for users. (See that story here.) The service is moving ahead with the launch today of its mobile version, as well as in other respects. “We’re now doing a full-on […]

Where To Eat? Let Neural Network Computing Help You Decide

Dollars to donuts most folks haven’t ever found a place to eat courtesy of neural networking technology before. Generally, Internet searches for spots to have a bite come courtesy of friends’ Facebook recommendations, services like Yelp, and even some semantically-powered offerings such as BooRah, now an Intuit company. But the collection of neuroscientists, computer scientists, […]

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